12-Year-Old Girl Hit by Lightning; Dad Saves Her Life Despite Heart Stopping Three Times

A 12-year-old girl from Arizona experienced a frightening and life-altering event in an average day. When the unexpected occurred—a lightning bolt struck and stopped her heart—she was playing outside her house.

Ella Jorgensen loved playing outside and having fun, much as many young girls. She had no idea that a storm would cause chaos in her life and come dangerously close to being her parents’ greatest fear.

Ella was standing in front of her grandparents’ West Valley home when the weather unexpectedly changed and a storm quickly came overhead. Ella is a happy and outgoing person. When calamity struck, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Source: youtube.com/ABC15 Arizona

The Disturbing Event

On October 15, 2022, Ella’s father, a former marine, heard thunder rumbling. Without warning, he witnessed a dreadful event take place in front of his eyes. Steven Jorgensen couldn’t believe that a lightning strike had occurred close to his beloved daughter.

Ella supposedly fell to the ground, and her distraught father reportedly said: “It was a super, super bright, loud crash that cracked. I watched that lightning hit my daughter.”

Source: youtube.com/FOX 10 Phoenix

He made every effort to preserve her life.

In an effort to save his daughter, Steven dove to the ground and hurt his knees in the process. He put his own wellbeing last and did everything in his power to help his cherished young girl.

Ella had no shoes on, and Ella’s father thought the metal necklace she was wearing might have caused the lightning to strike. The young child was standing next to a pal when the incident took place. Steven said:

“Her friend that was standing right next to her was wearing shoes at the time, so I think that’s why she didn’t even get touched at all.”

Source: youtube.com/ABC15 Arizona

The Father Refused to Give up

Fortunately, Steven’s experience as a marine paid off, and he understood what to do. The worried father rubbed his chest and waited for Ella to respond . Although he was anxious, Steven had a “controlled terror” when he began CPR. He revealed:

“I got her heart going. [I] got her breathing [for a] short amount of time, [but] I lost it again. I panicked and started again. [I] got her heart beating a little longer.”

Even though Ella’s heart stopped for a third time, her dad persisted. Finally, it kept pounding, which gave the father some relief. The child was transferred to a hospital, where the staff members credited her father with saving her life.

Dr. Kevin Foster highlighted that a key element was Steven’s timely and efficient chest compressions. He said, “She owes her life to her father.”

Source: youtube.com/FOX 10 Phoenix

A miracle occurred.

The father said that, while performing CPR, he used the Bee Gees’ popular song “Stayin’ Alive” to help him save his daughter. He hummed the well-known song while doing compressions on his daughter; it served as a useful cue for him to keep the proper beat.

Fortunately, Ella’s father was present, and fortunately, Ella managed to escape the situation “essentially unhurt.” She would only have minor burn marks, which the doctors said would go away with time. Ella, though, benefited in another way from the situation.

Ella reportedly initially refused to believe what had happened before saying, “I’m going to have a cool story forever now,” after her mother described what had occurred. Steven was pleased with his daughter’s approach and reported that she was in high spirits.

How Important CPR Is

Ella’s father was recognized as a hero by the Arizona Fire and Medical Authority, but he maintained his modesty, saying only:

“I’m just a dad taking care of his daughter.”

The family’s story was intended to inspire others to learn CPR, according to officials. A citizen who has been hurt can be kept alive until emergency services arrive with the help of bystander CPR.

When someone heard thunder or witnessed lightning, Dr. Foster counseled caution. He also stressed the significance of leaving for a secure location.

Source: youtube.com/ABC15 Arizona

Ella was recovering well, and her father said she would soon be going back to school. He was happy to have her by his side and was eager to watch how the rest of her life turned out. As Ella recovers from this frightening ordeal, we extend our best wishes and prayers.