11-year-old left by adoptive family is picked up by single father

Anthony moved into what everyone assumed would be his new permanent home when he was four years old. It was sadly not to be.

Life can be difficult for children who have lost their biological parents, even after adoption. Every foster child dreams of being adopted into a family, which would put their fears to rest. However, it isn’t always the case.

When Anthony was first placed in a foster home, he was just two years old.

It should come as no surprise that he has very little recollections of his birth family.  Anthony has just a hazy recollection of his time spent in the foster care system. When he was four years old, he located a family that took him in as their own child.

Anthony was subjected to a heinous act by his adoptive family for reasons that will forever remain a mystery. Six years after the youngster had been adopted by the family, they took him to the hospital, checked him in, and then left him at hospital, never to return.

Anthony was unaware that he would never see his parents again when he was dropped off at the hospital for the night.

Imagine for a moment the impact that Anthony’s being left behind had on him. He referred to his adopted parents as his mother and father. They had been his parents for more than half of his life at that point.

But at this point, he was by himself once more.

Anthony was placed in the foster care system once again. To his good fortune, Anthony would soon be moving into an especially loving home.

The fact that Peter Mutabazi is willing to take Anthony in demonstrates that he has made it through his own challenging childhood.

The country of Mutabazi’s birth is Uganda. Because his parents were poor, he had to pitch in and help them grow their own food when he was a kid because they couldn’t afford to buy what they needed. In order to collect water for his family, he had to walk for a total of three hours.

Sadly, Mutabazi’s father was a dreadful guy in every way. He used both physical and verbal aggression toward his wife and children throughout the course of their marriage.

When Mutabazi was ten years old, he made the decision to run away from his home and his environment one night. His father asked he go out and buy some cigarettes.  It began to rain while Mutabazi was making his way back home to his house. The cigarettes were damaged by the rain. Mutabazi was well aware that his father would be upset if he brought the ruined cigarettes into the house. Because of this, he never went back to his family.

After a number of years, Mutabazi established himself as the head of a prosperous real estate company in Oklahoma. It was his decision to adopt a child.

Over the course of three years, Mutabazi became a foster parent to a total of 12 children, whose ages ranged from two to eleven. He became close with each of these children during the course of his time with them. But the way Anthony told his story struck a chord with him deeply.

At initially, it was only intended to be for one weekend that Anthony would be staying at Mutabazi’s house.

It was important for Mutabazi to avoid developing feelings of connection to Anthony. This sounds rather cold-hearted. But the fact of the matter was that the father was having a hard time when his final foster kids moved out.

The judge had decided that his two remaining foster children could immediately go back to live with their biological families. The news of their passing has Mutabazi in a state of shock.

After the weekend had come to an end, Mutabazi and Anthony waited for the social worker to pick up the youngster from their home.

Anthony’s placement in the foster care system compelled Mutabazi to inquire about Anthony’s background. The foster parent was taken aback by Anthony’s story. Mutabazi even began crying.

When the social worker arrived, Mutabazi asked her about Anthony’s current. The social worker said that it was necessary to place him in a group home for the foreseeable future and that there was no other option available.

At that that instant, Mutabazi came to the realization that he was unable to release the child. He assured the social worker that he would be able to continue providing Anthony with foster care.

Now that he had an emotional connection with Anthony, Mutabazi was delighted. The two came to the realization that they made a great match over time. Mutabazi ultimately made the decision to start the adoption procedure.

Late in 2019, Mutabazi was recognized as Anthony’s father. Anthony is certain that he will remain in this house until he is an adult this time.

In fact, Anthony and Mutabazi are getting ready to accept more foster children. The two are devoted to aiding even more Anthony-like kids.