11-year-old boy returns lost wallet despite his family’s financial difficulties

A young boy from Green Bay, Wisconsin stumbled upon a lost wallet and promptly knew how to address the situation.

During a sunny morning stroll with his father, Lorenzo, Vince Hietpas spotted a wallet lying on the ground at Voyager Park.

Curiosity piqued, he retrieved it and opened it in hopes of finding some form of identification for the owner.

Inside the wallet, he discovered a driver’s license and soon realized that the owner’s residence was not too distant from their current location.

Since it was a lovely Memorial Day morning, and they were already out for a walk, the father and son made the choice to personally return the wallet to its rightful owner.

They journeyed together to the address, where Vince rang the house’s doorbell. Their entire interaction was captured by a video-recorded Ring doorbell.

Artist crafts mesmerizing portraits using nothing but pebbles

Not long before this, the wallet’s owner, Chase Dahlke, had just come to the realization that he had dropped his wallet.

Chase had been at Voyager Park for an early morning fishing trip when it’s likely that his wallet slipped out of his pocket.

The realization that he had dropped his wallet only dawned on him once he had returned home.

Chase informed his parents, with whom he resided, about the situation. They collectively assumed that the boy would have no choice but to cancel all his cards.

The family had scheduled a Memorial Day BBQ at their neighbor’s house when Vince rang their doorbell.

Upon receiving the doorbell notification on his phone, Chase’s father, Jason, opened the app and observed young Vince standing on their porch.

Artist crafts mesmerizing portraits using nothing but pebbles

“Hi, we found your wallet,” the boy declared, holding up the missing item.

Jason was taken aback and hurried back home to express his gratitude to the boy for returning the wallet.

Though he didn’t have any cash on hand at the moment, Jason removed the remaining money from the wallet, approximately $2, and presented it to the boy as a token of appreciation.

Artist crafts mesmerizing portraits using nothing but pebbles

The boy joyfully accepted the reward and then went about the rest of his day alongside his father.

However, the story didn’t conclude there. Chase’s step-mom, Michelle, took to Facebook to share the story of the young boy’s kindness and altruism.

She also set up a GoFundMe page with the aim of collecting a more substantial reward for the boy and his father.

Via Facebook, Michelle discovered that the Hietpas family had been facing challenging times since the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in Vince’s father losing his job.

The family managed to make ends meet by having Lorenzo take on various sporadic odd jobs that he could handle given his COVID-19 aftereffects.

When inquired about his desired reward, Vince humbly requested socks. It came to light that he and his father had been sharing socks during their financially challenging times.

Thanks to the GoFundMe page, an astonishing sum of over $10,000 has been collected to recognize Vince and his family’s act of kindness. With such a generous amount, Vince should have no trouble acquiring plenty of new socks and more.

You can watch the Ring camera footage capturing Vince’s heartwarming act of returning the lost wallet by clicking on the video link below.

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