102-year-old man brings flowers to hospitalized wife, showing priceless love

The article describes two heartwarming stories that have gone viral on social media. The first story is about a 102-year-old man who brings flowers to his wife in the hospital, and the second story is about a husband and wife reuniting after the wife’s long bout in the hospital.

The video of the 102-year-old husband bringing flowers to his wife in the hospital was posted on Twitter by @GoodNewsCorres1. In the video, the husband is seen walking slowly with the help of another person as he enters his wife’s hospital room. He has a bouquet of white flowers in his hand, and he gives his wife a gentle kiss on the cheek before handing over the flowers to her. Although the wife seems happy, it is clear that this is not the first time the husband has done this for her.

The video has close to 20k views and has received numerous comments from people on social media who were touched by the husband’s act of love. Many expressed their admiration for the couple, saying that they make them believe in true love and getting old together. Despite the husband’s struggle to walk properly, he makes sure to be there for his wife when she needs him.

The second story is about a husband and wife reuniting after the wife’s long stay in the hospital. The 42-second video was posted on Reddit by u/davidwallacecto, and it shows the wife entering the house and holding her husband’s shoulder. Someone says, “Merry Christmas,” and she tries to kiss him on the cheek, but he holds back as he does not immediately recognize who is standing behind him. Still, she kisses him on his cheek. He then turns around to finally look at the person behind him. He is surprised when he sees her and then holds her hand. Throughout the video, the song “Coming Home” by Diddy ft. Skylar Grey plays in the background.

The video has gained over 12k upvotes and has received numerous comments from people on Reddit who were moved by the couple’s reunion. Many expressed their wish to have the same kind of love in their lives, while others praised the husband’s pure joy, saying that it made him look like a young man again. Everyone deserves that same love from their partner, they said.