101-year-old shares the secrets to long and happy life, despite her ongoing work

You’d never guess that Jayne Burns is 101 years old, especially if you catch a glimpse of her expertly cutting fabric at Joann. Despite being well over a century old, she remains incredibly active. In fact, she still drives herself to work, and on a less hectic day, it’s just a 20-minute commute.

Back in the ’90s, Jayne’s daughter introduced her to Joann, where she herself was employed at the time. It seemed like a good opportunity for Jayne, especially since her husband, Dick, had recently passed away. For most of her life, Jayne had worked as a bookkeeper, occasionally retiring but always finding that she preferred the camaraderie of a workplace.

Southern California woman reveals the key to her long life on her 105th birthday

“I had a passion for fabrics, so the manager asked if I’d like to work here,” Jayne reminisced. “I started working with him and enjoyed it, so I stayed.”

Over the years, Jayne has built strong connections with her co-workers, with Maggie HusVar being one of her closest companions. Maggie, a senior at Thomas More University, was so fond of Jayne that she decided to introduce her to her TikTok followers.


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In no time, Maggie’s videos featuring Jayne garnered millions of views, and just like that, Jayne had her own fanbase. Naturally, many of them were curious about her secret to staying so active at her age.

Jayne’s response? Well, truthfully, she’s not entirely certain. However, she’s more than willing to share what she believes might have contributed to her vitality.

Firstly, she emphasizes the importance of enjoying the things you love, but in moderation. However, she admits to making a recent exception when it comes to sugar because she “likes sweets too much.”

Jayne also recommends maintaining a good skincare routine and finding ways to stay physically active. Throughout her life, this has included activities like bowling, exercising, and golfing. Of course, her job at Joann has also played a significant role in keeping her active.


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“I’ve always been active throughout my life, doing various activities,” Jayne remarked. “So I think that’s helped more than anything.”

But perhaps Jayne’s most valuable piece of advice is to surround yourself with the right people. While part of her decision to work at Joann is financially motivated, she genuinely enjoys spending time with her co-workers and the friendly customers.

Southern California woman reveals the key to her long life on her 105th birthday

“It’s crucial to be around people who are friendly and kind,” Jayne emphasized. “I relish conversations with everyone I work with and meeting the very nice customers.”

Jayne Burns is fortunate to have numerous individuals who care deeply for her. When her birthday arrives, her family, friends, and co-workers all come together to celebrate her in style. So, if you ever inquire when she plans to retire, don’t expect a definite answer.

“I love what I do, so I want to keep doing it,” Jayne declared. “I’ll continue working for as long as I’m able or as long as they’ll have me.”

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