10-year-old girl from Missouri helps her mom deliver the baby at home in emergency situation

A 10-year-old girl called 911 as soon as she discovered that her pregnant mom’s water had broken sooner than expected. The daughter, however, followed the dispatcher’s orders to assist her mother in giving birth rather than waiting for the emergency personnel.

Miracle Moore, a fourth-grader from Jennings, Missouri, resides there with her mother Viola Fair, sister Taylor, and family. For the young girl, the day was ordinary. Suddenly, three weeks before her due date, her mother went into labor.

Moore called 911 for assistance as her mother had instructed her to do, but she had no idea that she would also be assisting her mother in giving birth. Nobody anticipated Moore would handle what happened next so skillfully.

An Emergency Situation

Scott Stranghoener, the dispatcher who answered Moore’s call on October 23, had no idea how the situation would change a few minutes later. Moore said, “Hi, I think my mom is in labor.”

Stranghoener didn’t hang up on the little girl as he informed the emergency services of the situation at Moore’s house. Instead, he gave her advice on what to do next to assist Fair in giving birth.

Moore followed Stranghoener’s instructions and urged her mother to lie down on a flat surface after leaving the door open for the emergency personnel. Moore admitted, “I was scared.”

Fair fought to lie down on her back because she was in discomfort. Moore became aware of this and informed Stranghoener. He suggested that she add some more support for her mother’s back by placing some towels underneath.

Welcoming Her Baby Sister

Moore announced the news with her mom and Stranghoener as soon as she became aware that her younger sister was due to be born. On the other hand, when the dispatcher informed Moore that he would teach her on how to deliver the baby, she responded with a “Huh?”

Soon, but Fair was so exhausted that she couldn’t even pick up her infant child. Moore got a soft towel and gently cleansed the face of her younger sister after following the instructions given by Stranghoener before she wrapped her up in the blankets.

Moore led the first responders into her mother’s bedroom as they arrived at Fair’s house a few minutes after the birth of her daughter Jayla. The first responders were from North County Fire & Rescue and Christian Hospital Emergency Medical Services. A paramedic:revealed

“We just picked the baby up first thing, wrapped her in a blanket, and yelled ‘happy birthday!'”

Fair and Jayla were transported to the hospital by the paramedics, and Moore received appreciation for the manner in which she assisted in assisting her mother to deliver the baby.

She Received Awards

Moore’s unanticipated efforts to assist her mother in giving delivery were cause for celebration. An educational tablet, a notebook, a pink stork pin that represents giving birth, a personalized shirt, and other gifts were given to her by North County Fire & Rescue.

Moore also received a certificate from Christian Hospital Emergency Medical Services in recognition of her efforts. Nobody had anticipated a 10-year-old girl handling such a demanding circumstance so skillfully.