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Thanks for sharing your opinion / reviews.   Please pray for the books message to be shared.  May God Bless you and your family. Kimberle     

  • Santa, Why Do You Come on Jesus' Birthday is an amazing book that truly captures the true spirit of Christmas.  No holiday season is complete without it! Jordan Jewel
  • I love this book, because it is a bridge between my Christian beliefs and the fun of Santa Claus. Not to mention, making the angel cookie recipe at back of the book is a great way to get the family together to create a delicious memory.  Jane
  • This book has become a Christmas tradition for my family... the children really enjoy it and it helps them to understand the meaning of Christmas.  I recommend this book for all families with small children.  Two thumbs up... Henrietta Webb- Hammac    
  • It's a wonderful book to start kids thinking about Christmas and Jesus and how it can tie the love Christ to the good time and the goodwill that we all feel at Christmas. Sister Zella Raines
  • Kim, Seeing you today reminded me of your Christmas book, Thought I would send just a short note to say how we continue to enjoy your book with our Great- grandchildren and others. In today's world, it is always nice to see  a book with a Christian perspective.  Vic & Sandy Masserant 
  • My brothers and sister love for me to read your book to them. Caitlyn Boylan
  • "I love reading your book, Aunt Kim."  Every year he gives a copy to his teacher for Christmas.  Julius Moore
  • My husband and I wanted our kids to experience the excitement of Santa coming however, we wanted them to know that Christmas is about Christ Birthday.  This story is Santa's testimony, even to him it's about Jesus' Birthday.  
  • This short storybook takes Santa out of the HO HO HO what gifts are you bringing me? to the love of family and friends and the importance of the birth of Jesus. It reminds us of why gifts are given at this holy time. Lisa Nelson
  • For the last 5 years I read this story to the children during Christmas mass. After all he is a "Saint" Nicholas.  Father Joseph
  • It is a great story for kids to learn that Christmas isn't all about Santa. Terri Crum
  • This book has to be one of the best CHRISTmas stories I've ever read.  The simplistic yet powerful way it introduces children to the TRUE meaning of Christmas is a breath of fresh air.  I have gifted it to many people and to hear the wonderful things they've said over the years has blessed my heart.  It's not "just" a book or a story, it's THE story and I will share it with as many people as I can for years to come. Thank you Kim Daniels for being what I like to call, a witness to Christ.  Trisha Ekern
  • We love it. When the girls were little it was the every night book. I've even bought it for gifts.  Carol Zorn
  • A very nice book which explains to children the true meaning of Christmas... Glenda Frederick
  • Thanks for writing this book, its truly a treasure. Sally Barton
  • This is the best Christmas book I've read in a long time. Zachary Wood
  • Our family really enjoys making the angel cookies that Mrs. Claus makes for Santa to have enough energy for Christmas Eve.  We've written our family traditions in the back of the book on the tradition page in hopes that our children will remember and share with sweet memories with the next generation.  The Johnson Family 
  • This is my daughter "Lily" favorite book and I read it to her every night. I recommend this book for a Christmas gift . Seth Makeever
  • I put the book out on the mantel and display it through out the Christmas season.  It's become the story all the kids that come over have to read.  I love the part about how Santa meant Mrs. Claus "love at first sight".  It's a classic Christmas story that I sure your family will enjoy for years to come! Michelle McGuire
  • Reading this book touched my heart... it's special.  I loved the reference of the three gifts that Jesus received.  This is a great inexpensive unique Christmas gift. Barbara Tidwell  
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