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 Author: Kimberle Daniels
I love the Lord with all my heart.  I am blessed with two beautiful, healthy children and a wonderful, supportive husband.  I grew up in the Bible belt of Tennessee and North Carolina.  When I was 11 we moved to Michigan, where I currently live.  One of the question people ask me is, "What inspired me to write this story?".  As a child I remember feeling so excited about Santa coming and  then guilty about knowing that I should be more excited about  celebrating Jesus' Birthday.  When our children started asking questions about Santa my husband and I really struggled with how to keep their focus on the true meaning of Christmas, without taking the magic of Santa away.  I know through prayer God inspired / blessed me with this story to share.  I market the book during my free time and have sold over 10,000 copies.  Please keep me and my family in your thoughts / prayers and share this story with anyone you think would love / be blessed.  
                                Sincerely,  Kimberle Daniels 
Events: I do book signings when requested.  Most of these events are at retail stores that carry the book seasonally.  If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached at Contact Us
Information: On the back of the book it reads: This book was witten out of a desire to allow our children the magic of Santa Claus, while keeping the focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  Kim & Steve Daniels

There is a page titled:  "List Your Family Traditions" I encourage you and your family to list your traditions old and new for future generations to share.
There is also a "Santa's Angel Cookie" recipe in the book referencing the cookies Santa ate to fluff up before making the trip out on Christmas eve. Making cookies together is a family tradition I remember doing with my Grandma & Grandpa "Pop" Frederick. Grandpa always let us put as much frosting and as many red hots on the cookies as we wanted.

Just sharing about me... When it comes to football I am Tennessee Vol vol and a die hard Lions fan. Baseball definitely a Tigers fan. 
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